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A Person who like to draw and she likes lolitas and she uses to much icey colors.,(no strong language allowed.)


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I should stop posting some arts.

Posted by Solaxfrost - 1 month ago

I should stop making art because of critisms and is ist normal to me,but I understand,I should stop for awhile.

Anyway I'm done.


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Nooooooooo. Why? You have good rating on your art. Your art isnt perfect, so there is some critic. But you have a lot of people who like your art. And also, you getting better in drawing, when you draw much. Then the people give feedback, and you do it next time better. And better. And better. And then, one day, you art is impressiv. There is no reason to stop with it.
Wait I have to do something...
Ok now you have a new follower. I wanna follow you already but I forget t every time.

I feel sensitive when it comes to critism.
But mostly I am crying.

Not everybody likes everything. Like me: I dont like nsfw art, and cant give a nsfw artist 5 stars, even if he/she draws a sfw art. So there are also other people, who like some stuff and hate some stuff. They are some people that like more strong characters. Other people like weak character. So you see: Not everybody likes everything. And thats the same for everything. The one person like clasic music, others like dubstep. One person like cockies, the othet person like choklate. One person like action movies, the other person like sentimental movies. And again, I have to say: Not everybody likes everything.

Yeah I was creating characters with cold colors or colorful touch,but sometimes I was creating a character with some violence or something scary,now I prefered to draw cute or something normal to.

Can you please keep posting? I promise I’ll do whatever it takes to help you from being criticized, just please don’t stop posting, darling. I’ll cry for days if you do Q^Q

I'm fine,0w0

@XyberFlameGD @Solaxfrost Yayz! ^^

But I will be resting for a while.

@XyberFlameGD @Solaxfrost @Solaxfrost Aww... well, as long as you stay, that's good enough for me sweetheart. ^^